When the world’s largest trains will hit Australia in 2019

By 2020, most freight rail traffic will be moving to Asia and Europe, and many of the world and Australian freight rail networks will be connected.

Key points:The world’s second-largest economy has announced a new fleet of high-speed rail to link it with Europe, North America and AfricaThe new trains will be more than 50 per cent bigger than those that have already been deliveredThe world is moving towards a “high-speed age” where trains will travel faster than planes, trains will carry more people and they will carry goods and passengers from one place to another, according to the world leaders at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Perth on Friday.

But the announcement is unlikely to come as a shock to many, given that it was the government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s government that was responsible for setting up the Government of Australia’s High Speed Rail (HSP) project.

Mr Turnbull said he was “very excited” about the “fantastic” announcement and had called on other governments to follow suit.

“The world has moved into the high-speeds age, and the world is looking to the future and to the trains and the buses and the trains of the future,” he said.

“That’s a really exciting time.”HSP will link Australia to Asia, Europe and Africa, in addition to Australia’s rail network and roads.

The trains will start arriving in 2019.

It is the world first high-capacity passenger rail network.

They will be much more than just trains, they will be buses, taxis and trains.

They can travel at up to 100 kilometres an hour (62mph), have more passengers than buses, and can carry more freight than planes.HSP has already opened a “train to bus” route between Perth and Perth Airport, between the two ports.

Transport Minister Richard Wynne said the HSP project was a huge leap forward for Australian rail and the economy, which would “significantly enhance regional connectivity, and bring significant benefits to local communities”.

“This will be an investment in our region’s economy and transport network, creating thousands of jobs in the long term and delivering tangible benefits to our communities,” he told the CHOGM.

Mr Wynne said trains would be a key part of the project.

“We know it’s not just about the trains,” he explained.

“There’s lots of other things that you could do with the trains.”

What we’ve also done is designed the whole project around it.

It’s got a huge emphasis on passenger trains, on high-density, high-tech, high capacity passenger services.

“Mr Wynne confirmed the trains would not have to pass through the town of Wollongong, which will be part of their “train-by-train” journey.”

It’s a pretty significant investment in Wollongsdale,” he admitted.”

I think it’s a very important part of our region.

“Mr Turnbull and Mr Wynne also announced the Government would be moving ahead with a new rail corridor between Perth, in Victoria’s west, and Hobart, in Tasmania’s north, as part of a $2 billion upgrade of the rail network from its current location.

Mr Abbott has said the $2.5 billion investment in the Western Corridor will “help build the future of our economy and the future prospects of our workers”.

But the Government has also announced a $5 billion rail upgrade to connect Tasmania to Melbourne and New South Wales to its east.

The project will see the State Government pay $1.2 billion to build a $10 billion corridor between Sydney and Adelaide, while $1 billion is earmarked for the Eastern Corridor.

Mr Baird has also committed $1bn to a corridor between Hobart and Launceston, with more than $600 million earmarked to upgrade the rail line between Darwin and the state’s capital city.

The Government has been heavily criticised for its handling of the Northern Corridor, a $3 billion project that is currently being developed.

The Northern Corridor is one of the largest transport projects in the world, and will link Melbourne with the Gold Coast, Perth to Sydney, and Canberra to Canberra.

A series of public hearings and meetings have been held in recent months, as the Government considers the Northern and Eastern corridors.

Mr Weaver said he hoped the Government had “taken a real bold step forward”.”

It looks like they’ve taken a real big step forward and I’m very, very proud of them,” he added.

Mr Premier, as he spoke, was in the middle of announcing a $20 billion upgrade to Victoria’s railway network.

Mr Barnett said it was a “very important investment” in the state and was expected to create tens of thousands of new jobs.”

If it’s going to be worth $1 or $2 million a job it will be worth that,” he declared.”

So it will help us get a much-needed upgrade to our state and its railway infrastructure, and

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