How to buy a new vehicle checklist

How to safely transport your car or boat while safely and securely, including the latest in transport vehicle checklist security.

Key points:Transport vehicle checks are required to ensure that vehicles are secure, secure storage and transport vehicles are in safe working order, and to ensure the vehicle is available to safely return to the owner.

Transport vehicles can be checked for theft, damage, faulty brakes and airbags.

Transport vehicle checks do not cover vehicle safety features like seatbelts, safety systems or air bags.

Transportation vehicle checks also do not apply to vehicles that have a driver or driver-in-command.

These are the checks Transport Australia has added to its Vehicle Transport Checklist.

The checklist is designed to help you ensure you’re safely transporting your vehicle when you’re on the road.

When you buy a vehicle, Transport Australia checks the vehicle’s condition to ensure it’s safe for you to travel in and out of the vehicle.

You also need to ensure you don’t break the vehicle into any smaller parts that can be stolen or damaged, and you need to secure the vehicle with security features, such as seatbelves, seatbelters and air bags, before you drive it.

Transports Australia says there are two types of transport vehicle checks:Transporters may need to complete one transport vehicle check every 12 months if they’re on a commercial vehicle, but this is only a requirement if you’re transporting your car on the same day, fortnightly or quarterly.

Transports may also need more frequent checks if you use a boat, airboat or motor vehicle, for example.

The new Transport Vehicle Checklist includes:• A safety certificate that details all the requirements for safety, including seatbelting and airbag deployment and protection, and includes any additional security requirements.• A written safety assessment.• An operating licence or other document confirming that you have been approved by Transport Australia.• Information on the vehicle you are transporting and its route.• Additional information for the transport vehicle, including its name and number, manufacturer and model, model year and model range, and the vehicle identification number.

For more information, visit the Transport Vehicle checks website.

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