Former Queensland Police chief: I was the last man standing

Former Queensland police chief Rod Sims says he was the final man standing against the state’s drug kingpin, John Witherspoon, before he was murdered in his own home on Christmas Day.

Key points:Mr Sims says the killing of Mr Withersons son was a result of “the most brutal murder I have ever seen”Mr Sims was convicted of manslaughter in 2003Mr Sims died in hospital in May 2016After his death, Mr Sims said he was haunted by the memory of the murder.

He told the ABC he believed the killing was a “very deliberate” and “very vicious” act by Mr Witheringtons son.

Mr Sims said Mr Wiggons son, who was in a relationship with his mother, was killed after Mr Witheons son confronted his mother and she fired a warning shot at him.

He said he believed Mr Willington “had been very cruel” in his dealings with his son.

“It was very deliberate and it was very brutal,” he said.

“You had a confrontation with your son that ended in your death.”

Mr Sims, who has been in hospital since his death in May, said he had not spoken to his son since his arrest in 2010.

“I think he is probably in the hospital now and I don’t know how long he is there,” he told the program.

“He was there the entire time.

I can’t really talk to him.”

He said Mr Sims had been in the Queensland Police Force for almost 40 years.

“We had a very good relationship and he is a good man, he is just very, very difficult to talk to,” he added.

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