A Trump-Putin meeting likely won’t get done by the holidays

The White House is reportedly set to hold a phone call on Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a meeting that President Trump said he would be open to.

The Trump administration is set to have a phone conversation with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Monday.

It was unclear whether that would be the first call between the two leaders since Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey in May and fired White House national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The two leaders have been in the spotlight after the Trump administration abruptly ended the Iran nuclear deal, and Trump has continued to deny that Russia tried to influence the election.

Sanders said Trump is “going to want to hear the president’s perspective on what he’s going to talk about” with Putin.

She added that the conversation is expected to be brief and short.

The meeting was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but the White House announced on Monday that it was postponed to the second week of November.

Sanders did not say when the call would take place, and she did not provide details on what the conversation would be.

Trump tweeted on Monday night that he “would be willing to discuss many things with Russia and the U.S. on many different issues, but not the Russia-Trump Witch Hunt.”

Sanders did say on Monday, however, that she “would not discuss any meetings” with Russian officials, including with President Putin.

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