How to save your precious transport: How to get rid of the expensive stuff

The UK government’s new transport bill is already being described as a “coup” by Transport Secretary Nicky Morgan, who claims the plans will make the roads “unusable”.

She says that the new plan will “take away” the freedom of movement that is already at the heart of our transport system.

But there’s a bit more to this than a “Coup” on transport.

There’s also a lot of good news.

Here’s what you need to know about the Transport Bill, which will see transport privatisation, privatisation and privatisation again, but this time for the better.

The Transport Bill will be the UK’s first time ever privatising the roads and this means that, at least on paper, it will be cheaper for people to get around the country.

That’s good news for everyone, because the costs of the new transport plan will be offset by a reduction in the amount of money that people have to pay to drive.

The transport bill has already been leaked, and it looks like the new proposals will be even more radical than that.

The government’s plan is to allow the private companies running the roads to charge motorists more for the privilege of driving them.

There will be a limit on how much a driver has to pay for a single trip on the roads.

This will be paid for by a “tax” on drivers, with the rest of the cost coming from the taxpayer.

The amount of the tax will be based on the distance travelled on the road.

Drivers will be able to claim a flat rate of 1% on all their journeys, which is more than enough to make up for the increase in the cost of driving that the government hopes will come from the privatisation of the roads, although it remains to be seen if it will.

It also remains to happen that drivers who do not drive a car will still be able drive for free.

All drivers will be required to take the test and pass the tests to drive on the motorways.

The test will be run by a company called “Road Safety” which will be part of the private sector.

The Government hopes to reduce the number of accidents on the new roads from 20% to 5% a year.

There is also a promise to have a system for checking drivers’ licences and preventing drivers from driving without their licences, and a new form of “driver licence-plate recognition”.

A number of other things have been mentioned as part of this plan, including an increased minimum age to drive for drivers to 21 and a ban on the wearing of face coverings on public transport.

A new system for the National Driver Register will also be created.

This system will be linked to a database which will show who is on the transport networks.

This means that if someone on the network goes missing, the National Police Service can look at the whereabouts of the person.

The new system will also enable the police to use the database to find people who have broken the law.

It is unclear exactly how many people will be affected by the new plans.

But the government claims that this will mean a drop in the number “accidents” on the system from 20 to 5%.

While the government has previously stated that there would be a “significant reduction in accident and injury rates”, this has not been confirmed.

And, if there is an accident, it could happen in a car with a driver who is not yet a licensed driver.

There has also been speculation that there will be an increase in “road safety”.

The government claims this will “create a more reliable, safer and more efficient system for managing road traffic”.

But this is a bit of a stretch.

This plan is likely to have an adverse impact on road safety.

It’s unclear whether the new system can be used by the police, the ambulance service or other public bodies, and there is no indication that they will be used to check whether drivers are actually licensed.

The private companies are also going to be allowed to sell parts of the road to the government.

They will be allowed “to sell, repair and rehabilitate the entire network, including roads, bridges, junctions and crosswalks”.

This means they will have the right to “sell or lease parts of a network to other private companies for the purpose of providing services”.

However, this does not mean that they are going to offer services at the level of the public transport network.

They are going after the “transport infrastructure” that will be privatised, which means the road networks that are already privatised will be “transported” and this could result in traffic being diverted into “new private transport routes”.

This would mean that the road network would become a “public road”, which will lead to an increase of pollution.

The plan is also likely to lead to further privatisation.

The plans aim to reduce congestion by selling off roads and bridges that have been privatised to private companies,

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