How to identify a funeral transport vehicle in the UK

A funeral transport operator is often required to keep a close eye on the vehicle’s interior, particularly its safety belt and its exhaust systems.

A funeral vehicle’s colour is a common indicator that the vehicle is being used as a funeral vehicle, and this can help to identify it from a distance.

The funeral transport industry in the United Kingdom employs more than 1,500 drivers, and has become a big business in recent years.

Many funeral transport vehicles are used to transport the remains of people who have died in the past, and many are used by funeral directors.

A car that is fitted with an exhaust system is also a good indicator of whether it is a funeral service vehicle, as it emits exhaust fumes when the vehicle stops.

A vehicle that is not equipped with an air filter, however, may be unsuitable for funeral services, because the fumes can cause skin irritation and other health problems.

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