How to take your car off the road in the next 10 years

The car industry is poised to get bigger.

The industry has grown at an incredible rate over the past decade, to an annualized rate of $2.9 trillion, according to a recent report from research firm IHS.

But the transportation sector is still growing, albeit at a slower rate.

And it’s a lot slower than the auto industry, which is expected to grow at nearly 8 percent annually from 2019 to 2021.

That’s not good news for many in the industry, who are struggling to compete with new technologies like self-driving cars and self-serve vehicles that use sensors to keep drivers safely on the road.

The car companies are also struggling to attract and retain skilled workers.

And in the case of the transportation industry, there are only so many cars to go around.

In the coming decade, there’s going to be a lot more cars to buy, and it’s going have to be more efficient for everyone involved, said Bill Kastigar, the director of the Center for Automotive Research at the University of Michigan.

“You’re going to need a lot of people,” he said.

“So it’s really going to have to change.”

1 of 16 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × Washington Post cover story: The state of transportation View Photos In this story, the Washington Post explores what the future of transportation will look like in a diverse and connected nation.

Caption In this report, the Post explores how transportation will change in the coming decades.

Feb. 16, 2021 In this file photo, passengers look for a way to get to the Capitol from the Interstate 5 bridge in Washington, D.C. The State Department and transportation officials have been working on ways to make travel more reliable and easier in the years since the collapse of the interstate highway system.

In this June 25, 2020, file photo taken in Washington.

Transportation experts say the best way to improve mobility and safety is to create a transportation system that is smarter, more efficient and more connected.

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