Why a big investment in roads and bridges could save $7.5 trillion

In 2020, the US could use $6.7 trillion in infrastructure spending to help make our roads and public transit systems work better, according to the National Infrastructure Coalition.

But the biggest investment in infrastructure could come from a $7 billion federal investment in highways and bridges.

The coalition’s proposal to add $5 trillion to the US’s $14 trillion infrastructure fund is a big jump from previous ideas, but it’s not without its risks.

For one, the coalition’s $7-billion investment would be funded by a combination of existing infrastructure spending, and a tax credit for investors who purchase infrastructure projects.

It also doesn’t include new taxes, such as a sales tax or a sales excise tax.

It’s unclear whether the federal government will even agree to that proposal, as it has repeatedly opposed infrastructure spending in recent years.

But if it does, it would be the largest infrastructure package since President Trump launched his “America First” agenda, which would include $20 trillion in spending.

The White House says it wants to do more than just invest in infrastructure.

It wants to make the US competitive again and get the country back to the top of the global league tables for economic growth.

“We have to go to the business of jobs,” Trump said at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

That strategy is still working out for Trump.

Since he took office, the stock market has doubled, the economy has grown at an annual rate of about 3.5%, and the stock-market rally has boosted the economy’s economic output by $1.7trillion.

But it’s clear that many Americans don’t feel like they are making the most of the gains.

A Pew Research Center survey last year found that half of Americans say they have little or no confidence in their jobs market and another 46% say they do not believe their jobs are in good shape.

And that may not be a good sign for Trump’s agenda to move forward.

If the administration and Congress can’t agree on a funding plan, there could be a shortage of money to pay for the infrastructure projects in the proposal.

That’s because the US spends more than $500 billion a year on highways and other infrastructure, according in the New York Times.

It would take a lot of money for Congress to spend on roads and bridge repairs.

For instance, it’d need to pass a law that makes it illegal to use federal highway funds for the construction of new bridges.

A similar law could also make it illegal for private companies to build roads and toll roads without a federal grant.

And it would need to establish a mechanism to force private companies that want to build highway projects to pay more taxes, which could make them less attractive for private investors.

Trump’s proposed plan would likely be blocked by Congress.

So if he can’t get a plan through Congress, he will need to work through other means.

That could include using the highway bill to enact the infrastructure fund.

But as the Times points out, the infrastructure plan will have to be paired with tax increases and other spending to keep the bill from being a massive drag on the economy.

As long as Congress can keep the spending levels the current spending levels, the plan would cost $1 trillion over 10 years, or about 20% of GDP.

But since the infrastructure funding is so large, that’s going to be hard to achieve without massive tax increases.

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