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An Irish businessman who set up an Irish mobile phone company and has been involved in the creation of mobile hotspots in other countries has announced his plans to set up his own mobile phone service in Ireland.

The mobile phone provider, called Mobt Mobile, said in a statement it would provide free internet and calls to anyone who wished to use it.

It will provide a network of around 2,500 hotspots, which can be shared across the country and across all the mobile networks.

Mobt said it would operate its own network in the country, but would allow other providers to add services such as calling, video calling, text messaging and instant messaging.

It said the plan would provide a safe and secure place for people to exchange data.

The statement said Mobt was the only Irish mobile company that offers mobile phone services for customers.

It is not clear how much the company will pay for its services.

Moby, which has a network in more than 150 countries, said it has more than 5,000 registered users in more then 180 countries.

Its service is designed to give people access to the internet and communications, as well as access to services such a music and video streaming service.

A previous version of this article said the company would pay a fixed fee of €10 per month.

In a separate statement, the company said it will have a customer base of around 500,000 people by the end of the year, but this figure has not been confirmed.

The company is in talks with the Irish Telecommunications Commission (ITC), it said.

The Irish Mobile Association said it was not sure what services would be offered by the company.

A statement on the organisation’s website said that in recent years, moby had made significant investments to increase its coverage and reach, and had developed new, more robust and more advanced technologies and solutions.

It added that Moby had a robust network of mobile broadband hotspots.

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