What’s next for the Milwaukee Bucks?

On Tuesday, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the county’s long-awaited plan to replace the aging Rocket Transit Vehicle (RTV) service, a major transportation project that has been plagued by delays and cost overruns for years.

The RTV will be replaced by a new vehicle, the Advanced Vehicle Transport (AVT), which will be manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS), a company that is already building the next-generation of the Jeep Wrangler pickup.

GDLS and General Dynamics will also provide advanced vehicle transport services for the new vehicle.

In 2018, GDLS’ RD-180 engines will replace the current RD-270 engines that are part of the RTV.

The new AVT will be equipped with a new, more efficient, advanced fuel system.

The AVT, which is expected to cost around $1 billion, will be fully automated, meaning the vehicle will be driven on its own.

The county’s $1.3 billion plan calls for $1 million to be dedicated to the project, which will also include the construction of a $300 million, $1-million parking garage at the Milwaukee Public Market.

The parking garage, which would be part of a new “Parking Deck” that would connect the parking garage and the new AVG to the existing parking structure, would be completed in 2020, the first phase of the project.

The $1,000 fee paid to parkers at the garage would be refunded in 2027, the same year the AVT was expected to be delivered.

In addition to the AVG, the county is also seeking $1 to $5 million for the construction and operation of the new Rapid Transit (RT) line that will connect the new RVT service to the new Advanced Vehicle Transportation (AVGT).

The Rapid Transit project will replace existing buses, and the proposed route would include a new stop at the current Greenfield station.

The proposed RTV service would be replaced in 2020 with the new, fully automated AVT.

The planned AVT would be built by General Motors’ advanced vehicle transportation division, which currently builds the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

According to a press release from the county, GDL will receive a total of $1-$5 million in funding from the state for the RT system.

GDL plans to receive $5.3 million in state funding for the project and a $2.5 million loan from the Milwaukee Riverfront Park District.

GDl will be responsible for construction of the Rapid Transit route.

In 2021, GDl is expected, in conjunction with the county and other partners, to begin the design and construction of two separate, automated, AVT routes, one to connect the RT and AVT lines and the other to serve the Greenfield area.

The first phase, the AVS route, would link the AVGT to the Greenfields Greenfield Station, which sits at the western end of the Green Field Mall.

GDls AVS line, which has already been built in Greenfield, will link the RTVs to the airport and the airport’s Westfield shopping mall.

GDln would also provide a ramp for the AVLT at the new Airport Terminal, which was added in 2020 and will connect to the RTT service in 2021.

The second phase, which the county hopes to build in 2021, will connect and extend the AVTS line from Greenfield to the Milwaukee Greenfield Airport.

In total, GDls proposed AVT route would connect to about 1,600 people per day at a cost of about $5 per ride.

GD lds plans for the first stage of the AVST and the AVt are expected to generate $10.8 million in revenue for the county by 2021.

GDll will be eligible for a $500,000 loan from a local bank and $250,000 from the Green Street Community Development Corporation.

GDlv will be the only entity to be eligible to receive the loan.

GD lls $1million funding for its first AVT project is part of its plan to fund a new $1M bus lane on the Green County side of the river to serve downtown Milwaukee.

The Green Street Bus Lane will be a two-way bus lane connecting the GreenStreet Mall and the GreenField Mall.

The greenstreet bus lane would connect a portion of the Mall to Green Street at the west end of Greenfield.

The project would also include a pedestrian bridge that would span Green Street and the greenstreet, and provide access for people on bikes and pedestrians.

The bus lane, which should open in 2021 and be the first bus lane in Green County, will include four lanes and would connect Green Street to the east side of Green County.

The lane is expected with the completion of the current greenstreet station and a pedestrian plaza, and will serve the Downtown Greenfield Mall and Westfield Greenfield shopping complex.

The County Council will meet next month to vote on the $1

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