Taco truck driver in court after he was allegedly attacked by man while working on the road

A man accused of attacking a truck driver who was working on a highway was sentenced to two years in jail.

The trial was adjourned for another day as the jury returned a verdict on Friday.

A video released by police shows the incident in the early hours of March 25.

The driver was working in a closed vehicle transport unit on the U.S. 35 near San Antonio, Texas, when a group of men wearing hoodies and carrying baseball bats began hitting the truck and attempting to force open the truck’s front door, according to a statement from San Antonio police.

The truck driver was able to grab the driver’s hoodie and help him get out of the vehicle, the statement said.

Taco truck driver arrested on assault charge After the attack, the truck driver went to a nearby convenience store, but he was not allowed to buy anything.

He later drove his pickup truck to the U-Haul truck stop to pick up his belongings.

The man was taken into custody on March 26 and charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, as well as other counts.

His trial is set to begin next month.

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