When the ABM vehicle transporter is ready to roll, a test track

The ABM transporter is an autonomous vehicle transporter that uses a 3D printer to print a set of track modules and then deploys them.

The company has been developing the technology for about a year, and in a new blog post today, ABM says that it’s ready to go to the test track to see if the technology works.”ABM has completed a milestone milestone of 100% success on the test-driven vehicle platform.

The milestone marks the first successful test drive for the platform since it entered commercial service in early 2018.

With the final assembly of the vehicle, the vehicle is now ready for testing,” the blog post says.

The ABM company has also started working on software to integrate the vehicle with other systems.

ABM has developed a suite of technologies to automate the deployment and removal of track segments, so that the platform can be used in various contexts, such as emergency response, traffic control, or as a passenger transportation system.

The software can also provide a comprehensive overview of the entire platform, from vehicle to track, including track layout, alignment, and orientation, the company says.ABM’s software is already available to a small number of customers, including Google, Amazon, and Uber.

But as the company has demonstrated with its prototype vehicles, the technology is still in its early stages.

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