Why we need the truck to get to the sea: A sea truck

It’s a simple proposition: You can drive a truck across the desert and you can drive it across the ocean.

But the challenge is that when you need to transfer cargo from one place to another, the road conditions are challenging.

To solve that, an ocean transporter is needed.

The solution: A truck with a diesel engine.

This technology was developed by a Japanese company called Shinkansen, and the company is selling the truck for about $30 million, or about $20,000 a truck.

A diesel engine makes the truck more powerful than a gasoline truck, which is about $18,000.

So, for those who love the truck, Shinkans is offering the diesel engine as a $12,000 bonus.

The truck’s design is based on the Toyota Yaris, the popular Toyota SUV.

The Yaris was built around the Toyota Corolla platform, which was originally designed for military and cargo use.

Shinkan, which began in 2003, has a fleet of about 10 trucks that can transport around 5,000 containers. “

And we’re not interested in adding a lot of weight.”

Shinkan, which began in 2003, has a fleet of about 10 trucks that can transport around 5,000 containers.

It also offers a few electric vehicles that are about $1,000 to $2,000 apiece.

“We are working on a diesel truck that can deliver 20,000 metric tons of cargo a year, and that will be the most economical diesel truck we will ever offer,” says Takada.

Shinken has also developed a technology that can drive from a truck to a shipping terminal.

When it’s time to transport a container, the truck automatically turns on the diesel engines.

But when it arrives at the terminal, the driver of the diesel truck uses the electric motor to propel the container.

This allows the driver to keep moving in a straight line.

The diesel truck’s fuel efficiency is higher than a conventional diesel, which means it can haul heavier loads.

The fuel efficiency of the Shinkanism diesel truck is about 70 percent of the conventional diesel truck.

The company says that the diesel trucks are also about 10 percent more fuel efficient than the diesel gas trucks.

It can move more cargo than a diesel gasoline truck.

In Japan, Shinsan’s diesel trucks have a range of 2,000 kilometers and can travel more than 5,200 kilometers.

Shinks, the company that manufactures the Shinks truck, is based in the southern city of Nagoya, Japan.

Its president, Hideaki Yoshimura, is a retired general who went to the US Army.

He’s now a vice president at Shinsans subsidiary, Shinks International.

The Shinkani diesel trucks will be used to transport oil tankers.

“The truck will be able to carry 30,000 tons of oil, so it will be about 30 percent more efficient than a standard diesel truck,” says Yoshimura.

And, Yoshimura says, the Shinsanism diesel trucks can handle up to 200,000 liters of fuel.

Shinsani also plans to develop the technology to make diesel trucks more environmentally friendly.

The new Shinkane diesel truck, as shown in the video above, is the most efficient diesel truck currently on the market, and it has been designed for a number of different uses.

“It’s also designed to transport cargo on the sea.

It has two fuel tanks that hold oil, and two other fuel tanks.

We’re also developing a water tank.

And it has a gas tank, and a diesel generator, so you can get more power from the diesel power source,” says Yamamoto.

Shinozuka, Shincha and other companies that specialize in diesel engines, are selling diesel trucks as well. “

There are a lot more uses,” he adds.

Shinozuka, Shincha and other companies that specialize in diesel engines, are selling diesel trucks as well.

Shinans company is also developing its own diesel engine, and its technology will help it to make more efficient diesel trucks, said Yoshimura in an interview with the Associated Press.

“Shinkan has developed a diesel power engine that can run on a regular diesel engine and be more fuel-efficient,” he said.

“But we also want to develop new diesel engines to help our diesel trucks to be more efficient and safer, and also to be better fuel-saving.”

Toyota is the largest carmaker in Japan.

Shinki is the company behind the Yaris and Toyota Corollas, and has been working on developing its diesel trucks since 2002.

Shintaro Kondo, Shintara’s chief executive officer, said in an emailed statement that Toyota had been looking at the technology since 2005.

“When Shinkashus first launched the Yari, the technology was already there,” he

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