How the Newcastle M&M will look like in 2019

The Newcastle M &M is coming into 2019 with a new look.

The company, which has been in operation since the 1960s, is changing the exterior of its fleet to match that of the Newcastle-based M&Ms, and plans to bring in a new model that is not only lighter, but also more fuel efficient.

Newcastle M&ms are used by over 300,000 passengers a day, according to its website.

Its chief executive, James Ahern, said the company had a lot of work ahead of it in the coming years to bring the brand into the 21st century.

He said: “The M&MS is the lightest and most fuel efficient transport vehicle on the road.”

It is our highest customer and we are going to be investing in our new fleet.

“Mr Ahern said the M&MW would be equipped with a range of new technologies, including an electric powertrain, new braking technology and a new roof that would help it avoid any wind chill and snowfall problems.

The changes were due to take effect in 2019, but Mr Ahern admitted they might not be seen by customers for a few years.

He added: “We are still working on the MMW and we want to make sure we make sure it works the way it does.”

We are going into the new year with a bit of a shake-up in terms of our fleet and we will be able to show the changes that we have planned in 2019.”

He added the company was confident in the future of the M &MW and hoped to be able introduce it in 2021.

“The new M&MM will be a bit different to what we have now and will be slightly more fuel-efficient.”

However, we will make sure that it is safe for passengers and our customers.

“Our focus for the next couple of years is to bring it into the 2040s and beyond.”

The new fleet of the ‘M’ vehicle will be light, with a total weight of just 7,500kg.

The vehicle will only be capable of using electric power from its lithium ion battery pack, which will be used to power a new braking system and a roof that will help it prevent any windchill and snowfalls problems.

Mr Aernhans said it was “very important” that the M MW was as fuel efficient as possible and said he hoped to deliver it in 2020.

“I don’t think that the average M&m driver will have a problem with a battery pack being depleted by the winter months,” he said.

“But the drivers who drive a lot more than a few times a week will have an issue.”

If you have a load of vehicles that you drive a few thousand kilometres a week, you will need a battery.

“The Newcastle M MW will also have a new design that will see the vehicle reduced in size to only 7,000kg, making it lighter than the current model.

The new car is expected to be delivered by the end of 2019, with an expected delivery date of 2021.

The Newcastle-M&M partnership was announced by Newcastle Transport, which is currently based in the city’s city centre.

Mr Hynes said Newcastle MMWs had been a strong driver of business for Newcastle and had been “unbeatable” for more than 20 years.”

This new partnership is going to allow Newcastle to make the most of its transport and transport infrastructure assets and we have a really good partnership with Newcastle Transport,” he added.”

Its going to give Newcastle a huge boost as it transitions to a 2040-driven city.

“There is a great deal of infrastructure in Newcastle, and there are a lot who work for Newcastle Transport.”

The New Zealand government is also set to introduce a new emissions-trading scheme for New Zealand’s largest transport companies.

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