When the Giants won a game, the Seahawks lost a war

The New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks have traded two Super Bowl rings and a pair of NFC championships in the past four years.

But the Seahawks, who won their division in 2013, have had their share of battles.

Seattle’s Seahawks-related Super Bowl victory in 2017 led to an 11-game winning streak, and it took the Seahawks to a Super Bowl last year before losing in the divisional round.

The Seahawks and Giants met once in the NFL, when the Giants came within one touchdown of winning a game against the Seahawks.

They then played in the NFC Championship Game in 2017.

The Giants, meanwhile, have won four Super Bowls, including two in Seattle.

They also have the NFC West title and two NFC wild card berths, a spot in the Super Bowl.

This season, Seattle’s offense is averaging more than 400 yards per game and has averaged 29 points per game.

They have also held the Seahawks scoreless in seven games, including their win Sunday against the Giants.

The Packers and Rams are also vying for a playoff spot in their divisions, which include the NFC South and NFC North.

They’ve both had success at home, though.

The Rams have a 14-5 record at home.

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