‘It’s not a big deal’: Arizonans react to new state laws

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) A new law that will require drivers to wear seat belts for all vehicles is generating widespread debate in Arizona and beyond.

But for the Arizonan who lives in a trailer, the debate isn’t about the laws or whether they’ll work, but whether they’re worth it.

It’s a question that’s been on people’s minds for months.

Drivers in Arizona are already subject to a variety of laws in addition to the new one.

But the issue of seat belts was the one that made it into the conversation last month, after a motorist in a semi crashed into a tree in Arizona, killing one person.

“This is something we all need to think about, but I think it’s just so simple that it’s not even a question,” said Ashley Pappas, a 26-year-old resident of the Arizona city of Mesa.

Arizona law already requires drivers to be wearing a seat belt, and drivers are also required to wear them at all times, even when traveling in a car.

Passengers, on the other hand, are only required to buckle up for certain situations, such as when passing another vehicle.

So drivers are left to make the best decision for themselves.

“I don’t really care if it’s the law or not,” Pappos said.

“I don.

I just care if my car is going to get into trouble, and I know that’s not going to happen.”

The state law is also likely to make things more complicated for people like Melissa DeMarco, who drives an RV for her family and a couple of friends in Phoenix.

She said she doesn’t mind being the only one wearing a helmet because that makes it easier to see other people in a rear-view mirror, but she worries about the safety of the rest of the passengers on the RV.

“We’re all going to die,” DeMarco said.

DeMarco said the new laws were designed to give people a little bit more choice about what they can and can’t do.

The Arizona Department of Transportation, which administers the new law, says the new requirement is designed to protect all drivers and to protect the safety and welfare of everyone on the road.

A spokesperson for the department says the department is working to develop a comprehensive strategy for how to best ensure safe travel for all Arizona drivers.

In a statement to the AP, spokeswoman Erin O’Sullivan said the department will work with law enforcement and local government officials to implement the laws to the best of our ability.

As for how the law will work for people who have already been issued a seatbelt, O’Shell said it will be determined in the future.

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