Day: August 7, 2021

What you need to know about the new C-17 Globemaster, a plane that has been around for years,

As the C-130J Hercules program continues to take shape, the Pentagon is making the C30H-53E, the first variant of the C130J to be produced in this line.This is the first C-30H to be built in a new production line, which has been in use since 2007.The C-27J has a similar design but is manufactured in […]

‘The Army Transport Vehicles’ were not the only thing that the British Army needed when it came to delivering supplies to its soldiers in the trenches.

Google News: Army Transport vehicles were not always the only things that the military needed to carry out supply deliveries in the war, as the British army was faced with a number of logistical problems as it prepared to fight the first world war.The British army had to find a way to keep its supply […]

Military vehicles that can get the job done in the snow

In the snow, it’s a lot more dangerous.If you don’t have a backup plan, you can get into an accident.In that case, the vehicles have a much lower risk of being killed, said Army Lt.Col. Daniel Stokes, the program manager for the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing and Display System (JHMDS).“It’s very dangerous,” he said.The JHMDS, […]

Why Uber’s new app has its own unique challenges

Uber is adding an auto-sharing feature for its cars that allows drivers to request the services.The company is working with Lyft and Tesla, as well as local trucking companies and fleet operators.Uber’s auto-shares feature will be available in select Uber-owned vehicles.The feature is part of a broader initiative to help drivers make more money and […]

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