What you need to know about the new C-17 Globemaster, a plane that has been around for years,

As the C-130J Hercules program continues to take shape, the Pentagon is making the C30H-53E, the first variant of the C130J to be produced in this line.

This is the first C-30H to be built in a new production line, which has been in use since 2007.

The C-27J has a similar design but is manufactured in a different facility and has a different payload bay.

This first batch of C-90J and C-20J aircraft, which are being built to replace the C17 Globes, will use a different production line to make their deliveries.

The first C130Js have been in service for nearly three decades, but there is no doubt they are well known and loved by the military community.

There is no better way to show the world what an awesome, reliable, and safe transportation aircraft can be than by seeing the C135J that the military has been using for over a decade.

It has been over a year since the last C130 arrived at its final destination, the White House.

This will be the first flight of a new, modified version of the jet to begin delivery in 2018.

The C-35, or the Long-Range Strike Bomber, is currently the largest and most expensive weapon in the United States arsenal, and it is expected to carry around 2,400 pounds of bombs and other military equipment.

The USAF has not had a single operational C-135 in more than 10 years.

A new aircraft has arrived to replace it.

The USAF is making two planes, one of which is being used to replace an aging fleet of C130s.

In 2016, the Air Force announced that the next generation of the UH-60 Black Hawk was in the works.

There are currently over 60,000 Black Hawk helicopters in service around the world.

C-130Js will not be the last of these aircraft.

This C130 is being delivered to the US Air Force for the first time.

One of the planes, a modified C-13H.

Air Force C-9J, a twin-engine, turboprop aircraft, that can carry two people, a couple of laptops and a few things, and has been used to deliver food, supplies, and medical supplies to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Another C-14A, a four-engine jet that has the capacity to carry about 20 people, is a military version of Boeing’s 747-8.

 The last C-16 will be retired in 2021.

And finally, the C13 is a four engine, single-seat, air transport aircraft that was used to transport medical supplies and food to the military.

These are just some of the aircraft that will be available in 2018, the military says.

To celebrate the C15, which will be built and delivered in 2019, the Army will roll out its own version of a C-15.

This plane will have an interior design similar to that of the M1 Abrams, which is a twin engine, medium-lift transport aircraft. 

This new C130C is part of a fleet that has already been upgraded with a new C16C.

It will replace the aging C-5 Galaxy, which was retired in 2020, and the C3 Sentry, which retired in 2018 and is expected out of service by 2020.

The military plans to roll out more aircraft in 2019.

If you are wondering why you are here, the US Army and Air Force are looking to get more soldiers into combat, and to be able to get to places faster.

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