Why Uber’s new app has its own unique challenges

Uber is adding an auto-sharing feature for its cars that allows drivers to request the services.

The company is working with Lyft and Tesla, as well as local trucking companies and fleet operators.

Uber’s auto-shares feature will be available in select Uber-owned vehicles.

The feature is part of a broader initiative to help drivers make more money and get more out of their vehicles, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said in a statement.

It also helps the company expand its services to new cities.

Uber launched a partnership with Ford earlier this year.

In an attempt to drive more traffic to its services, Uber will have a special Uber car on the road at all times, Kalanicks statement said.

It will also offer rides to employees who are in the Uber app, which is set to launch in the next few months.

“Our vision is to bring the world closer together, and this new auto-share will help us achieve that goal,” Kalanies statement said, adding that the Uber car will be equipped with sensors that will allow drivers to see the road ahead and take action based on the information.

The technology will allow the Uber driver to request rides based on specific data, and then be able to share the information with Uber.

Uber said its autonomous driving technology will also help to make the app more efficient.

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