How do you get to work when you need to transport a dead horse?

Posted February 07, 2019 09:06:20 The horse industry is a big business, and while the industry is not without its challenges, it’s also a huge source of pride and economic activity for Canada.

Many of the horses that roam the country are bred to do work that they are not suited for.

That includes, for example, working on highways and in cities.

They have to travel on their own for hours at a time.

As a result, many of the companies that transport horses for commercial purposes are struggling financially.

That means they are putting more and more pressure on the horse owners to make the animals comfortable, safe and comfortable.

Some horse owners have resorted to cutting down the horse to a point where they can safely keep them.

But what if the horse owner doesn’t have the money to do that?

What if the owner has no choice but to buy a horse from a breeder and transport it to work?

That’s what happened to a horse called Nottie.

The horse was taken to a barn in Quebec and placed in a harness that made it impossible for the horse’s head to move.

It was also difficult for the animal to breathe.

As Notties owner, Rob, said in a news release: “It was a very emotional time, as it was my first horse to be born, and I was just looking forward to having a baby.

My wife and I had been living in Quebec for the last year, and it was just so exciting to be back in my hometown.

I was excited to see her again and felt she had my best interests at heart.”

The breeder responsible for the harness, Paul, was not happy with what happened.

He said in an interview with CBC News: “This was a cruel, unfair and dangerous practice.

We did not use the harness to save the horse from its injuries, we did not try to make it comfortable for the horses mouth to be open.

This is a cruel practice that is contrary to all the rules and regulations in place, and we will not allow it to happen again.”

He added that he was not a member of the Horse Protection Association of Canada, which was set up to represent the interests of horse owners in the industry.

He told CBC News that he had asked the company that supplied the harness for the sale of Nottieds harness to change it and put the horse in a different harness.

He says that company did not comply with the rules, and that he is now seeking damages from them.

According to the company, the harness was not fitted correctly.

The company said that when it contacted the horse farm about the harness the owner was not satisfied with what they told them.

The owner told CBC that he went to the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CZA) in Ottawa, where they told him that he would be able to use the horse as he wanted, but that the harness would have to be replaced.

He was also told that the horse had not been weighed properly and that the length of the harness should have been changed.

The CZA told CBC Radio’s Metro Morning that the horses head is not attached to the harness at all and that it is not a problem for a horse to wear the harness in a manner that makes it difficult for them to breathe, move, and stand on its own.

According the CZA, the CSA, the American Horse Protection Foundation, and other horse advocacy organizations have been working to make sure that harnesses are properly fitted to horses, that harness owners are not forced to wear them, and to protect the horses health.

“Horses are often trained to work in harness, but they’re not trained to stand, walk or lie down on their hind legs,” said Marc-André Lefebvre, president of the CZOA.

“When a horse gets sick, it can get very uncomfortable, and they can become very disoriented.

This harness is designed to prevent this from happening, and if that harness is not properly fitted, it is very dangerous for a rider to have a harness.”

The CZOA has set up an online petition to stop the use of harnesses in the United States and the CAA has also asked the federal government to regulate harnesses and use the Canadian Racing Industry Act, which states that horses can be used for work if the harness is fitted properly.

“We believe harnesses can be useful, but we are concerned that harness use is going to go up because of the new industry,” said Lefevre.

The Canadian Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CPCA) has also expressed concern about the growing number of horse welfare incidents.

In a news statement, the group said that “the number of incidents of animal cruelty and neglect is on the rise and that these incidents continue to escalate.”

It added that the organization believes harnesses should be

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