China has the world’s fastest train fleet

China is now the world leader in the speed of its trains, according to the International Transport Association, which ranks the country as the fastest-growing train network in the world.

The Shanghai-Tianjin line was the world leading in 2017.

The new rankings show the country is moving forward with the same focus as in decades past: bringing high-speed rail to the masses.

The new ranking includes all major Chinese railways and a growing number of regional ones.

The ranking does not include the Chinese government-controlled National Railway, which operates in parts of China, and China Southern Railway, whose network covers parts of South and East Asia and the Pacific Rim.

China Southern’s new Shanghai-Chennai train has been the world lead in a number of categories.

Its speed in 2018 was 1,500 kilometers per hour, according the ITA.

More than 1,000 miles of new track are in operation in the state-owned Southern Railway.

A new train line connecting Shanghai and Guangzhou has been built at a cost of about $100 million, according To Xinhua, a state-run news agency.

New trains are also being built in southern provinces of Hubei, Hebei and Xinjiang.

The Beijing-Tiangong railway, also under construction, is expected to be finished in 2019.

China’s trains are mostly made of steel and are often bigger and heavier than those in the United States.

China has been building trains for decades.

It has expanded its network by building more stations and new roads.

But many of China’s trains, which were built to carry 1 million people a day in the 1990s, have been running at a rate of just over 2,000 people a week.

This has meant the trains have been getting older and less efficient.

Many of China.s new trains are built on outdated, older, and often unsafe track and are not equipped with modern safety equipment.

There have been reports of people falling from the trains.

Some of the newer trains are even more dangerous than the older ones.

Chinese trains have become a huge issue.

The country has been plagued by safety concerns since the mid-2000s when trains carrying weapons and drugs started to explode on Chinese trains.

Since then, there have been numerous train derailments, the worst of which occurred in April 2018 when a train carrying passengers in Wuhan exploded.

The train carrying 11 people exploded in an industrial park in Wenzhou, killing at least 11 people.

In September 2018, a freight train carrying oil from North Korea derailed in Xinjiang, killing 11 people, including a child.

An investigation into the derailment found the train had been running on outdated track and had run into a mountain.

A year later, a train exploded in Wuxi, killing two people.

The U.S. State Department has expressed concern about China’s safety record and is seeking to reduce the number of trains carrying goods from the North Korean regime.

“We do have a problem with a lot of the older trains that have been built,” a senior State Department official told The Associated Press last month.

Even the most popular train in the country, the Xishuangbanna, has been under investigation.

It is now a symbol of China and a symbol for the Communist Party.

The Xishuyangbana was designed to carry more than 1 million passengers a day, but only 1,700 people have ever been aboard the train.

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