How to save money by transporting military vehicles

The Army is facing a $1.5-million shortfall in its procurement program for armored personnel carriers.

The Army says the vehicles it needs to replace the aging M113 armored personnel carrier, the M16 armored personnel transport and the MRAP armored personnel vehicle will be in short supply.

It’s been a year since the Army began selling the vehicles, which were designed to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and are used to protect U.S. troops in the field.

The new M113 is a heavier version of the previous vehicle.

The M16 has a shorter wheelbase, and the M113 has a bigger gun.

“This is a significant procurement program,” said Lt.

Gen. Michael Kowalczyk, the Army’s director of logistics.

“It’s a program that we’re going to have to address very quickly, and we’re committed to doing that.”

The Army plans to purchase four new vehicles in 2018 and another in 2019.

The MRAP is the newest of the M15 and M16 vehicles.

The vehicles are being used to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The U.K.-built MRAP has an initial combat capability of just six soldiers.

The Pentagon says the Army has been able to meet its procurement goals for the M107 armored vehicle, which was developed for the Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps has received more than $1 billion in additional funding for the MRAPS.

The Navy is also buying the MR APs, but has not yet purchased the vehicle.

A report issued this week by the Congressional Budget Office says the military plans to need to purchase nearly 20,000 vehicles to replace its aging M16s and M113s, as well as M113A1 tanks, MRAPs and other equipment.

That figure is expected to increase.

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