Delhi Police: 3,000 people arrested for allegedly stealing milk transport vehicles

A series of cases of milk theft at milk transport buses in the capital’s west have resulted in 3,022 arrests.

The cases involved four vehicles, and three people have been booked under Section 376 (1) of the IPC, which has been declared an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act, 2017.

The police, however, said the cases involved thefts of milk trucks at least two of which were stolen from a private dairy shop in the western sector.

The police have recovered over 10,000 kg of milk from the vehicles and are looking into the other five cases, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) B S Jain.

In the case of the first vehicle that was stolen, a senior police officer said the milk truck driver had been booked by the Delhi Police for theft of milk at least three times.

As many as 4,500 kg of the milk was recovered from the truck, he added.

On January 5, police had arrested four people in connection with the theft of a milk truck at a private farm in the south-west of the capital, he said.

The alleged theft of the second truck involved the theft and sale of milk that had been stolen from the farm of a senior citizen.

“There is a case under Section 38 (3) of IPC (the offence of theft by deception) of theft of goods worth more than Rs 50,000 from the milk vehicle of a resident of Delhi, on January 5,” Jain said.

Police said the driver was identified as Vijay Singh and the vehicle’s owner identified as Nagesh.

The milk truck was registered in the name of the victim’s son.

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