A rare glimpse of the Northern Territory’s ‘ice car’

Posted May 15, 2018 06:29:48 The Northern Territory has an ice car, but it’s not a regular one.

A rare sight in the bush, it’s a vehicle used for the transport of ice from the South Island to the Northern Territories.

The ice car was built in the 1970s by the NT Government to provide winter transport to the area.

It is powered by two engines that can both operate in either mode, with the driver controlling the car using a handheld remote control.

“It is really, really fast,” says one of the NT Ice Car Authority’s drivers, Tim Tarrant.

He explains the ice car’s unusual speed, and explains why he’s never seen a vehicle like it before.

“[The ice] goes really fast and it is actually a very fast car, it can go quite a lot faster than the light cars and it’s quite a bit faster than a regular car, so it can really go quite fast, quite fast,” he says.

In the NT, the ice cars are usually operated by a crew of four people and there are two sets of wheels on the vehicle.

But when the NT ice car program began in the 1980s, a third wheel was installed, allowing for a maximum of four cars to be operated at a time.

When the program was expanded in 2016, the NT added another wheel to the ice vehicle, allowing the vehicles to operate in both modes.

This third wheel allows for more cars to operate at once, allowing drivers to take a break from driving, or to get a snack.

Ice car drivers can be seen pulling out of remote-controlled ice car stations and heading towards the ice-covered bush, often in a hurry.

One of the ice vehicles operated by the Northern Transport Authority was built at Tararua, about 100 kilometres (60 miles) from Darwin.

While the ice is often found at the northern tip of the Southern Alps, the Northern Ice Car project has discovered a way to bring it to the Southern Cross.

And there, it is being used to transport the ice from New Zealand to the NT.

As the NT project is underway, a special video featuring a glimpse of this unusual vehicle has been released.

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