What the FBI and DOJ have to say about a federal lawsuit against a private company that trains police to kill suspects

The FBI has filed a lawsuit against an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based private company and a former employee for allegedly violating the federal Violence Against Women Act.

The FBI says in the complaint that the private company has been hiring police to carry out lethal force on suspects.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in federal court in Denver, alleges that in 2014, the company hired two officers and three civilians to train officers on how to use deadly force.

The private company says it never provided the training to police, but the FBI says the company failed to follow department guidelines that require training on the use of lethal force.

The FBI says it’s the first lawsuit in the state’s history against a company that uses police officers to carry it out.

The company, which has been called the nation’s leading provider of private police services, was founded by former New York City police officer Michael Koval and was acquired by the FBI in 2017.

The DOJ says in its complaint that Koval resigned from the company in October 2018.

The DOJ says Koval has not been charged in connection with the allegations against him.

The complaint also alleges that Kaval was employed by the company for nearly three years without being trained on the laws governing lethal force, and it says he failed to comply with the FBI’s mandatory training requirements.

It alleges that officers have violated department policies, including the requirement that officers not participate in any activities that would “directly or indirectly” direct or assist in the commission of a crime.

The department said in a statement that it takes the allegations of improper use of force seriously and will defend the integrity of the NYPD.

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