Antarctic vehicles can travel 1,000km in a day, according to new technology

In an effort to help the environment and reduce the impact of climate change, a team of researchers in Antarctica is developing a new technology to allow vehicles to travel 1.5km in 24 hours.

The team is using the technology to test out the feasibility of using a truck to haul cargo in Antarctica, said an announcement by the Antarctic Research Council.

“This project is a collaboration between the Antarctic Science Centre and the University of Southern Denmark.

It is a new type of transport system which uses a combination of autonomous vehicle technology and truck technology.

The vehicle has been tested in the field and has proven itself to be a viable alternative to traditional truck systems.”

The team of six researchers and a team from the University and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been working with the U.S. company Blue Origin for the last year, with a goal of developing the system and the prototype by 2020.

The technology, which uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to create the vehicle’s outer shell, has the potential to cut down on fuel costs and reduce emissions by as much as 80 per cent, said the announcement.

The truck is powered by a hybrid electric motor that produces power through an electrical grid.

The team is also using an electric propulsion system that is able to provide enough energy to propel the vehicle up to 1km.

The researchers hope the technology can be used in the future to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used to transport goods, and also to increase the amount that can be transported.

개발 지원 대상

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