‘Flexible’ trucking industry could save jobs

The trucking sector, a crucial industry to many Americans, has become a prime target for President Donald Trump’s plan to revive U.S. manufacturing.

But while Trump says he is looking for the right jobs for Americans, trucking jobs are also key to his administration’s plans to revive the economy.

The president’s goal is to create jobs for the tens of millions of Americans who currently don’t have jobs.

To meet his goal, the administration has pushed for more trucking and trucking equipment to be imported.

The administration also wants to create a new national security incentive for the U.K. to make its own trucking vehicles.

And Trump wants to expand the use of the Export-Import Bank, which is used to import foreign-made goods from the United States.

But these incentives are likely to come at a cost.

The trucking, tractor-trailer and trailer-van industries are among the sectors that have been hit hardest by Trump’s trade policies.

But Trump also has targeted other industries, including the auto industry, which he believes are making products for countries that are not benefiting from trade.

“There are a lot of companies that are making things that are made in China and made in Mexico and are now being exported to the United Sates,” Trump said during a Jan. 26 news conference.

Trump said the auto and truck industry are “getting a bad rap” because they are being sold to “the world as cheap as they are.”

But that’s not the case, he said.

The president also has been attacking Ford for its use of parts that were made in India and China, which are not manufactured in the United State.

Ford has said it’s working with the Trump administration to help meet the goal of lowering the cost of its cars.

The auto industry has also suffered from trade deficits.

It reported a $1.3 trillion trade deficit with China in 2016, which dwarfs the $919 billion deficit it reported for 2016 with Japan.

Trump has called the trade deficits a problem for the United Kingdom.

Trump has also said he wants to renegotiate NAFTA, which protects U.A.E. workers from NAFTA-style trade agreements.

He has said that’s his goal in renegotiating the agreement, and he’s expected to do so.

The White House has said the president wants to bring jobs back to the U., but the details of the plan are still being hammered out.

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