How to avoid a ‘frozen’ car accident

In a recent post on his blog, the man behind the YouTube channel The Roadshow, Richard Jones, explains the dangers of leaving your car in a frozen state and how to avoid one. 

The roadshow’s driver, Sam Taylor, also has a video on his channel that shows a car that had just been stuck in a snowdrift and has to be towed out by police because of the car’s icy condition. “

If you are in a stuck position with a stuck transmission or a stuck rear axle, the odds are you will have to spend some time in a hospital to get it sorted out.” 

The roadshow’s driver, Sam Taylor, also has a video on his channel that shows a car that had just been stuck in a snowdrift and has to be towed out by police because of the car’s icy condition. 

When you’re stuck in the middle of a traffic jam and the weather is bad, a frozen car can be a serious problem. 

Mr Jones says you need to know your car’s position and be prepared to deal with any issues that arise.

“You should be able to see that it is going to be stuck, you should know that the vehicle is going down the lane and you should be aware that the engine is running and you need a proper oil change,” he said.

“If your car is stuck in traffic, you might be in a situation where the other cars are not going to stop and you don’t want to be trapped behind one of them.”

If there’s an ice hazard around you and you’re not in a position to be able see that there’s a problem, then you have to do what you can to stay alive and avoid the ice hazard.” 

You can avoid a frozen wreck when you get to the sceneThe first step is to be aware of the situation and the type of vehicle you’re driving. 

If the weather and the situation is bad enough, you can even avoid a wreck if you know your way around and can avoid getting stuck behind another vehicle. 

The car that you’re going to use to drive into a ditch or snowbank should be in good condition.

It should be well-equipped with a proper transmission and tyres, as well as good braking and steering. 

You should have a spare engine, a spare gearbox, spare steering wheel and tyres. 

Once you have a good understanding of the weather situation and your car, you need the right equipment to help keep you safe. 

First of all, you’ll need an air bag and a seatbelt. 

In an emergency, you may need to be strapped in or strapped down for a bit of comfort, but in most cases it’s better to be in the backseat. 

Make sure your vehicle is not too heavy to start and stop, or you could be stuck behind a car. 

A seatbelt is essential to prevent a crash or accident. 

There are also several things you can do to help your vehicle avoid a crash. 

For instance, if you have children or pets, you could keep them out of the way while you drive. 

Don’t leave your car unattended. 

Driving in a stationary vehicle can put your children and pets at risk. 

Avoid using the highway. 

Always stay out of traffic. 

Never leave your vehicle unattended on the highway, or if you do, it’s probably best to leave it parked on the side of the road. 

Have your insurance company send you a tow truck. 

And make sure you take the car to a service station if it’s stuck in one of the aforementioned situations.”

The safest way to keep yourself safe is to use your own vehicle and to not get stuck behind someone else’s,” Mr Jones said. 

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