How London is the most expensive city to drive in the world

Transport vehicles account for almost three-quarters of all the cars in London, but the capital’s roads have become more crowded in recent years as drivers and commuters have switched to the city’s public transport network.

In the latest figures from Transport for London (TfL), London transport vehicles accounted for nearly 3.3 million vehicles in 2016, which is a rise of 3.6 percent on the previous year.

That is down from the 2.8 million vehicles the city put up in 2015.

The trend has been attributed to a growing number of commuters commuting to work in the city.

The average time between when a vehicle is registered and when it is registered is nearly six minutes.

The increase in the number of vehicles means the number on the road is on a par with other major European capitals.

In Stockholm, the average time to register a vehicle was three minutes, while in Paris it was about five minutes.

London also ranked as the most crowded city in the UK with its average time on the roads nearly three hours, more than three times longer than the second-place city, Manchester.

The UK’s transport commissioner, Andy Burnham, said the figures showed Londoners are taking longer to get to work and other events, which has forced the city to take on more drivers and improve its traffic management systems.

The commissioner said London’s population had grown by more than one million people between 2010 and 2016, and the average commute time to work is about 12 minutes.

“This is a worrying trend,” he said.

“The longer people wait, the more congestion and the greater the pressure on our roads.”

TfL has also introduced a new policy that makes it easier to register vehicles.

For the first time, people can now register their vehicles online, rather than by phone or in person, with a simple click of a button.

The company has also been working to develop a smartphone app that allows drivers to report congestion and road safety issues.

The app is available for download for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones.

London’s transport network, called the Metropolitan Transport Network, has also seen an increase in demand in recent months.

Its traffic capacity has increased by more on average than any other British city.

In 2016, London had the second highest number of drivers on its network, behind only Edinburgh, but it also had the third highest number with almost 3 million vehicles on the network.

“While our roads remain overcrowded, we are taking the right steps to reduce congestion and improve mobility.””

While our roads remain overcrowded, we are taking the right steps to reduce congestion and improve mobility.”

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