Why you should avoid buying a car in NSW

New South Wales is among the states where you should be wary of purchasing a vehicle in the next 12 months.

In the state’s largest city, Newcastle, a total of 3,851 vehicles have been registered since the state began its licensing scheme in September.

The cars are a mixture of Toyota and BMW models, and are all manufactured in the Newcastle area.

They are also registered in the north, east and south, which make up the metropolitan area of Newcastle, and have an average of 1,700 kilometres between them.

The average distance between these two regions is 1,852 kilometres.

If you are planning on purchasing a car, you need to be aware of the state of vehicle licensing in New South, said NSW Roads and Maritime Services (NSSMS).

“In some cases, it can be confusing, or at times you can get a driver’s licence and then find out later that the vehicle is not legal in NSW,” said Mr Brown.

“In these cases, if you are unsure, ask for a licence, but it is important to check the vehicle’s licence plate, registration and the licence number on the licence.”

Mr Brown said there were three types of cars that were currently being registered in Newcastle, one of which was a Toyota Highlander.

“They are not legal vehicles in NSW, so you would need to check if it was legal to drive the vehicle and check the manufacturer’s details and licence plate number on that vehicle,” he said.

“You should also check the registration number and vehicle registration certificate.”

Mr McEwen said while it was a good idea to make sure you check the licence plate on the vehicle, it was not a requirement.

“There are other vehicles that are legal and have a valid vehicle registration,” he told the ABC.

“So if you buy a car from a local dealer, then you may be getting a different vehicle registration licence.”

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