How to get the best out of a new £150k Audi A6 SUV

When a new Audi A5 SUV was launched in 2019, the car was hailed as a revolutionary concept by some and a huge failure by others.

But now the car is getting another shot at life, with a new version on the road, with the A6, expected to hit showrooms in the autumn.

The Audi A4 SUV is now a little bit of both.

A 4×4 SUV on a road?

A new A6?

The A6 is the first model to be offered with a fully automatic transmission, a design feature that Audi introduced in the A5 to meet growing demand for its large, four-door hatchback.

Audi claims the A4 has been successful in meeting this demand by allowing drivers to drive in a more comfortable and efficient manner, and with more control over the vehicle’s handling, steering, and brakes.

The new A5 has been praised for its more relaxed handling, more spacious cabin and better cabin materials, with Audi claiming its improved aerodynamics and suspension make it even more agile and more capable than its predecessor.

But what about its price?

A standard A4 with a four-cylinder engine, rated at 170kW, will set you back a whopping £1,100.

The A6 starts at £1.5m, with both vehicles getting a £1m bonus.

It’s not as though the new A4 is going to break the bank on its new supercharged petrol engine.

A 6.3-litre V8 petrol engine with up to 310kW of power will be offered for a base price of £1 and a £2,000 bonus.

Audi says the A2 petrol will be available at a much lower price point, and the A3 will be limited to the base price, but it’ll still be available for a lower price than the A7, which starts at around £1 million.

And, of course, the A8 will be the only new car to be priced at £35,000.

There’s some debate about whether the A-class is the right vehicle for all those people who want a luxurious hatchback, with some saying that it’s not a luxury hatchback at all, but a high-end, high-performance SUV.

Audi’s chief executive, Dieter Zetsche, says the company is looking to develop the A range, which is due to include a luxury crossover, a four door hatchback and a mid-size SUV, which should all be on sale in 2019.

“We know how to make luxury cars more affordable and, through the A series, we want to do that in all cars, so it’s really important that the new cars we offer are affordable, stylish and high performance,” he said.

In fact, the company has just launched a brand new website,, where you can read more about the A family of cars, with pricing for the new models and models from the previous generation already on offer.

With a new A-series SUV on the way, and a new family of SUVs in the pipeline, what are you waiting for?

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