What’s the difference between the new electric and traditional petrol-electric vehicles?

The electric and conventional vehicles are a long way apart in terms of what kind of vehicle can fit into a house.

But it’s the latter that is gaining traction and popularity in recent years.

In Europe, for example, electric vehicles are still very much underutilised and the cost of battery packs and chargers are still relatively high.

Electric vehicles are also relatively less expensive than petrol-powered vehicles, meaning they’re more likely to be used in urban areas.

This is a good thing, says James O’Neill, an energy analyst at the consulting firm McKinsey.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are both cheaper than petrol, but the electric vehicle has lower fuel consumption.

This is partly because the vehicle can store more fuel on board, and partly because it’s a smaller vehicle, meaning it’s lighter.

O’Neill says there are three reasons why electric vehicles have been more popular in Europe: lower fuel costs, lower cost of maintenance, and a greater likelihood of being more environmentally friendly.

Fuel efficiency has also become more important for electric vehicles.

In Europe, fuel efficiency is typically around 25 per cent or less.

Electricity-only vehicles have less fuel consumption because the fuel cells in their engines burn cleaner than petrol engines.

This means the vehicles are less likely to have problems with emissions.

This may also make electric vehicles less attractive to some consumers.

Ongoing issuesWith fuel costs so high in Europe, it’s not surprising that the industry is moving in this direction, says David O’Reilly, head of product marketing at UK’s Toyota.

However, O’Brien says the current market has limitations.

Toyota recently introduced its own electric version of its Camry sedan.

In the UK, a range of models, including hybrids, will be available in 2020.

Toyota also announced a new, fuel-efficient hydrogen fuel-cell truck, but that vehicle has yet to go on sale.

O’Sullivan believes there is still room for the industry to develop more efficient fuel-sipping electric vehicles, and he says the market is ripe for them.

OmniGas, a UK-based fuel-economy consultancy, says the global market is likely to see about 1,200 electric vehicles per year by 2025.

But, the firm cautions, this is just an estimate.

It’s possible that the new vehicles will also offer significant advantages, such as higher fuel economy, more space and lower cost.

However that will depend on the vehicles’ performance, Oates says.

Fuel-efficient cars are more likely than fuel-intensive cars to have a lower fuel cost.

Oates says electric vehicles offer more space because they don’t have to take up as much space in the car as petrol-engined vehicles do.

Oates also believes that the batteries will provide longer life.

In an ideal world, electric vehicle manufacturers would like to see the fuel economy of their vehicles exceed petrol- and hybrid-powered cars, but so far there is no obvious way to achieve that, says O’Leary.

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