Which Indian cops are on the list of police stars?

A police officer from Bengaluru, who was recently posted to Kolkata, has made it to the list, according to reports.

The report by the Hindustan Times states that Pune’s Dinesh Yadav was posted as a cop last year.

Yadav is a member of the Bengaluru Police.

The newspaper says that he was posted to a police station near Kolkatawal, where he was tasked with patrolling the area of a crime scene and helping with the arrest of suspects.

The Bengaluru Times also reports that Yadav and his fellow cops were tasked with arresting and transporting suspects to trial in the city.

According to the report, the police officer has since become a celebrity and has been booked for several cases.

Yadavan’s arrest has come as a surprise to some, as he was not on the radar of the police when he was on the job.

Police sources told the newspaper that Yadavan has not been arrested for any crime and has remained in Kolkatan as a police officer.

Yadava, a native of Mysuru, has been a cop for seven years.

Yadavin has also been involved in some minor cases of alleged rape, police sources said.

Yadawav has been suspended for violating the police code of conduct, the Hinducas report said.

The police said they are investigating the report.

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