India to build six lakh-vehicle transport capacity over next 10 years, Minister says

New Delhi, Jan 26: The Government on Monday announced a new set of targets to bring down the cost of vehicle transport by 20-30% over the next decade.

A total of six lakh vehicles will be able to be moved in a year from the existing four lakhs, the Transport Minister said, adding that the government will also provide free transport to all families for three years from next year.

The Government had earlier announced that all vehicles that were used by households for household consumption would be replaced by electric vehicles by 2020.

For all other vehicles, the government has decided to provide free transportation to all households for three months from next month.

To facilitate the development of the transport sector, the Government is setting up a new National Transport Infrastructure Fund (Niti), a vehicle development fund to ensure the speedy development of all transport modes in the country.

Niti is expected to be completed by the end of the current financial year.

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