A $3.8 billion overhaul of the Army’s mortuary transport vehicle fleet

By now you’ve probably heard about the latest update to the Army vehicle fleet, and it’s no small feat.

A major overhaul is needed to improve the mobility of the aging and outdated transport vehicles in the Army.

The Army currently has a fleet of four types of transport vehicles: The M1A1, M1, MRAP, and the Humvee.

Each of these vehicles can carry a crew of four and carry up to 200 people. 

The Humvees and MRAPs are both well known for their long range capabilities, but it was the M1 that came in at the top of the list.

It’s one of the most heavily armored and tracked vehicles in service, and was designed to be a multi-purpose vehicle, capable of supporting a wide variety of missions from infantry to artillery.

The M1 is the most modern and heavily armored transport vehicle in the world.

Its heavy armor and high armor penetration make it difficult for enemy forces to penetrate its armor.

It also has excellent maneuverability and high mobility for a medium-size vehicle, making it a viable platform for missions like infantry fighting, logistics, and counterinsurgency.

While it’s not the most powerful vehicle, the M3A1 is an extremely capable and reliable vehicle.

It has the ability to transport as many as 40 people, and has been used in a variety of roles, including combat, counterinsurrections, anti-armor warfare, and in humanitarian relief.

The Hummer is the other new vehicle the Army is bringing to the table, and while it’s still being developed, it’s expected to be fully operational in the near future.

The Hummer has been in service for decades and has proven to be an extremely reliable vehicle, able to carry a load and then continue moving, while also being able to keep pace with incoming fire.

The only problem with this new vehicle is that it’s incredibly heavy. 

In terms of size, it would weigh as much as a Boeing 747.

It would also take a long time to maneuver it in combat, as it’s very maneuverable and has a short takeoff time.

The only way to fully get rid of this vehicle is to buy it off the shelf and let the military do the heavy lifting.

This is a common trend in the military, where new vehicles are built in bulk and given off an air of “build it and they will come.” 

The U.S. Army is currently building a new vehicle that would make use of a new design concept called the “Heavy Mobility Platform.”

This is a platform that will be used in the future to carry large quantities of military equipment, and will also serve as the base of operations for future operations. 

This new vehicle will be called the Hummer.

This vehicle has been designed for the “light” infantry and artillery roles.

It will have a crew capacity of six and will be able to handle a load of about 200 people at a time.

The heavy vehicle will have an additional crew capacity that can hold about 60 people, which is a significant increase from the current M1s.

The Heavy Mobility Platform (HMP) will be powered by a Pratt & Whitney PW2630 engine, which will be replaced by a new turbocharged V-8 engine.

The HMP will have about 4,000 pounds of thrust, which makes it very fast and reliable.

This new vehicle would be able travel over 200 miles per hour, which would be an improvement over the M2.

The HMP is currently in the development stage, but the Army hopes to have it operational by 2025.

This will allow the Army to move more people and equipment around in the field, and help ease the strain on the Army transport fleet.

In the meantime, the Army has plans to overhaul the M4 transport vehicle, which has been a long-standing and popular transport vehicle.

The M4 is a relatively small, lightweight transport vehicle that has been around since the 1940s. 

Despite its small size, the US Army is considering using the new vehicle to transport equipment that can’t fit in the M7 or M8 transport trucks.

The new M4 could be able carry more people in a smaller space.

The Army is also considering using this new transport vehicle for troop transport.

While the new vehicles might seem like a lot of work, the changes they will make are significant.

The old M3 and M4 vehicles can hold a crew, but they’re extremely heavy.

The addition of this new, light transport vehicle could significantly improve the capability of these transport vehicles.

The changes that the Army will make to these vehicles are as follows:The new vehicles will have significantly more space.

In the M5, the crew capacity is only 1,500, which means that they can fit into a cargo hold of less than one ton.

The weight of the new transport vehicles will

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