Australian Transport Workers Union ‘strikes’ as it says a strike will continue until Australian police officers are reinstated

The Australian Transport Union (ATU) has announced that it will strike until all of the Australian police force’s personnel are reinstated.

The strike, which was announced on Wednesday, is expected to last until February 5.

The union says it is calling on all of Australia’s police force to sign up to the Australian Government’s Safe Transport Workers Agreement, which it says has been in place for over five years.

This means that police officers who have been suspended from their duties will be able to return to duty after a four-month grace period.

The AFL’s AFLW has also agreed to support the union in its strike action, which is expected in March.

AFLW president David Myers told the union would be “notifying” all police forces in Australia of its intention to strike on Tuesday.

“We’ll be announcing that the AFLW will be working with the police to reach agreement, and will then go on strike,” Mr Myers said.

“There’s no question that if the AFLP didn’t want to go on the strike, we would have gone on it.”

The union said the police were the only force that had not complied with the agreement and were still using excessive force.

The deal has been negotiated between the AFL and the AFL.

Mr Myers also defended the use of Tasers in the case of Michael Morton, who was charged with grievous bodily harm following a confrontation with police in the town of Wodonga.

Mr Morton, a man of Aboriginal descent, was shot in the chest in the early hours of February 6.

He was arrested by police in Wodong, in Western Australia, after he allegedly assaulted a police officer.

Police were investigating a domestic dispute in the property in which Mr Morton lives.

Mr Meyer said he was “shocked and appalled” to hear of the use and abuse of the Taser by police officers.

“It’s one of the more appalling incidents I’ve been involved in, and the police use of it in this case was appalling,” Mr Meyer told news-com.

“They’ve taken this very aggressive approach to their duty of care and the protection of their colleagues and it’s absolutely disgraceful.”

Mr Myers and his union were not the only ones to voice concerns over the use by police of Taser and rubber bullets in the Morton case.

Federal Police Commissioner Michael McCormack said in a statement on Wednesday that he was disappointed the AFL had chosen to strike, adding that he had “strong concerns” about the agreement.

“The use of force and the use, and abuse, of rubber bullets is a serious issue and we will continue to work with the AFL to develop solutions that protect both police officers and communities,” Mr McCormack added.

Federal police chief commissioner Michael McCormick, left, speaks to media at a press conference at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Brisbane on Wednesday.

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen “As a matter of fact, there have been reports of TASER being used on two separate occasions by police.

A spokesman for the AFL told news,,au that the police would be seeking further advice from the union and would not be able “to give any assurance that they would be willing to abide by the agreement.” “

While we believe it is an important matter that needs to be dealt with by the AFL, it is disappointing that the union is seeking to interfere with the negotiations.”

A spokesman for the AFL told news,,au that the police would be seeking further advice from the union and would not be able “to give any assurance that they would be willing to abide by the agreement.”

“We’re not going to be able and we’re not prepared to do that because of the ongoing negotiations,” the spokesman said.

Police chief commissioner Mike McCormack is flanked by a colleague during a press briefing at the Federal Police Department in Brisbane.

Photo to left: Alex Edwardhausen The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has come under fire for its handling of the Morton investigation.

In a statement, Assistant Commissioner Mick Gaughan said the AFP was “disappointed” in the union’s strike action and said it was “not acceptable”.

He said the union had not taken the necessary steps to implement the agreement “before it was agreed”.

The AFP’s statement said the agreement, which covers the use “of force and rubber gunfire”, had been in force for the past five years, and “has been ratified by all Australian jurisdictions”.

Mr Gaughin said the “unilateral action” by the union was a “clear breach of our obligations under our contract”.

“The AFP understands that this unilateral action has caused considerable distress to members of the community who have had to deal with it,” Mr Gaughlin said.

The AFP said it had taken steps to ensure that “police officers involved in any incident in the ACT are able to carry out their duties with dignity and respect”.

The ABC has contacted the AFP for comment.

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