French transport vehicles are vulnerable to diesel pollution

Transport vehicles, which are considered by many to be the safest way to travel in the world, are vulnerable, researchers have found.

A recent study by the Transport Institute, an international research group, found that a diesel-fueled bus in France was more than twice as likely to explode than a diesel vehicle, according to data from the French Ministry of Transportation.

“The diesel engines of the [French] buses are designed to be as close to a gas engine as possible and this means that they produce a lot of pollutants,” said the institute’s researcher, Philippe Fournier.

The researchers found that diesel vehicles, particularly those used for heavy-duty freight, are more likely to blow up.

The Institute also found that there is an increase in the number of diesel-powered trains, which is particularly concerning, as they have been implicated in serious air pollution in recent years.

According to the institute, the diesel-based diesel trains in France are among the dirtiest cars on the road.

Transport Minister Serge Vidal said the problem was caused by the fact that the vehicles are more expensive to produce.

“For example, diesel buses are about half the price of gas buses,” Vidal told Le Figaro newspaper.

“This makes them very vulnerable to the pollution and the fact they produce more emissions than gasoline buses, which also produce a big pollution burden.”

According to Fourniers study, the average diesel-driven bus in Paris produces about 30 percent more pollutants than a gas-powered vehicle.

In the study, which covered the period of 2013-2015, more than 1,600 vehicles in Paris were involved in an accident and the institute found that these vehicles had a diesel engine that emitted 1,814 times the safe level of carbon monoxide.

The institute said that it hopes to conduct more research into the issue of diesel emissions and emissions from trucks, buses and other transport vehicles.

Fourniiers report comes at a time when many people are moving away from cars.

The average fuel consumption for motor vehicles in the United States is now higher than in Europe.

Some states have taken steps to limit the number and emissions of cars on their roads.

Some countries have introduced a cap-and-trade system, which limits the amount of pollution emitted by cars and trucks.

France’s Environment Ministry said the government was working with industry to reduce pollution from diesel-burning vehicles.

The ministry also said it would consider a national standard for diesel engines.

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