Canada to increase the number of cargo trucks by 10 per cent

Canada is poised to increase its number of truck fleet vehicles by 10,000 by 2025 to boost efficiency and help meet the growing demand for freight transport services, the country’s minister of transport said on Wednesday.

Key points:The Canadian Trucking Association has called for a 10 per-cent increase in trucks by 2025The trucking industry already has around 2.5 million trucksThe change is needed to accommodate the growing number of freight transport vehicles, the minister saidThe Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) estimates that the fleet could be reduced to 300,000 vehicles by 2025, and the average age of new trucks would rise from 40 years to 50 years, based on a 2010 analysis by the Association of Canadian Transportation Administrators.

The Canadian Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has also called for an increase in truck capacity, saying that the country needs more trucks to carry goods.

“This is a significant change in our transportation landscape,” CTA President Doug Macdonald said in a statement.

“Our nation faces significant challenges in addressing our infrastructure needs.

We need to grow our fleets and ensure our roads are in working order.

The Canadian Truck Industry is the backbone of our transportation system, and we must keep it growing and contributing to our economy.”CAA president Doug MacDonald, right, speaks during a news conference with Canadian Truck Association President Joe Noyes, left, and CEO Joe LeDuc in Ottawa on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020.

The union has lobbied to increase capacity on Canada’s highway network and said its members are concerned about the impact on jobs and the economy.

“I have never seen so much attention given to transportation in a political year as we have right now, and it is absolutely critical that we get this done,” CAA President Doug MacDonald said.

“As a member of the CTA, I want to thank the Canadian government and its ministers for their leadership in this matter.”

The Canadian Transport Agency said it was “unfortunate” that Canada has not taken immediate action to increase truck capacity.

“It is important that we take action now, because Canada is not prepared for the massive expansion of the fleet needed to meet growing demands for transportation services in the coming years,” it said in its report.

“To meet the demands of a rapidly growing economy, Canada will need to expand its fleet to meet the increasing needs of both private and public transportation.”

The CTA’s report suggested that Canada could use a total of 2.4 million vehicles to carry heavy equipment and freight by 2025.

“The CAA is not advocating a particular number, but the CAA recognizes that Canada needs to increase that number,” the report said.

“If Canada does not have the capacity to increase cargo capacity, we need to increase it.

Our goal is to increase overall capacity by 10 percent.”

The report said the CSA had been monitoring the truck fleet for several years, and said the industry is already at a critical juncture.

“We are seeing an increased reliance on truck fleets, and these are vehicles that have a significant impact on our economy,” the CTS report said, adding that the sector is facing challenges in both demand and capacity growth.

“Canada is facing the largest infrastructure gap of any industrialized country.

We must ensure we can respond quickly and effectively to the growing need for transportation.”

Canada already has more than 2.6 million vehicles on the road, including trucking vehicles and delivery vehicles.

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