Mahindra SUV’s have a more spacious cabin than BMW’s – Auto Express

The latest version of the Mahindras SUV is a car that comes with a more comfortable cabin than the latest BMW SUV.

According to the Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association, the new Mahindran is built on the same platform as the M3, with a 5-seater with a 3-liter engine, a five-speed automatic transmission, and a rearview camera.

It is also equipped with a rear view camera.

The new Mahinderan is powered by a 4.5-liter V6 engine, with an output of 600hp and 700lb-ft of torque, and has an MSRP of Rs. 6,100,000 ($1.4 million).

The M3 is powered with a 6.5 liter V8 engine with a output of 800hp and 750lb- ft of torque.

The car is also available in a 3.8-liter TSI engine that produces 310hp and 400lb-tonne of torque and a MSRP between Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 9,000,000.

The latest version has a rear air dam that allows for better air flow, a rear seat that can be reclined, and is available with a standard two-door layout.

It also has a standard four-door configuration.

The Mahindrans compact SUV has a top speed of about 150kmph (120mph) and a range of more than 200km.

It has a five wheel drive configuration, but can also be configured with a four wheel drive, which is a hybrid configuration.

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