How to get the best deal on car transport

The best deals for car transport are all about getting the best value.

That’s the message from a new report by the Australian Taxation Office, which says the government should be doing more to incentivise car transport and boost tax revenue.

It recommends the government set up a national fleet of self-driving taxis and provide incentives for new entrants such as Uber and Lyft.

“The new vehicles are often expensive but the value they bring to the economy is significant, and is something that should be incentivised,” said the ATO chief economist, Robyn Williams.

The ATO report was released ahead of the Australian Manufacturing Council’s annual Manufacturing Jobs and Economic Development Report, which will be released on Monday.

In the report, the council recommends more tax incentives for businesses that are moving to Australia from overseas, including for the manufacture of products like machinery, plastics, fuel, machinery and aircraft parts.

It also recommends the introduction of a new tax on vehicle fuel.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson has previously said he will introduce a tax on the fuel used in self-driven vehicles.

The Australian Tax Office report recommends that the tax on fuel used by self-drive vehicles should be applied to the gross price of vehicles.

“Self-driving vehicles could offer a significant benefit to Australia’s economy,” it said.

“We believe this could be a significant opportunity to drive down the cost of transport, particularly for Australians who live and work in remote areas.”

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