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How to save on sea transport licence costs

Transporting cargo, passenger cars and planes is expensive.If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, the right transport vehicle licensing can be an efficient way to get your hands on fuel.Here are the basics of sea transport vehicle licences.Transport vehicle licences are a form of transportation authorization.When issued, a person must carry on their person […]

Which fuel types are safe to transport through a pipeline?

The United States is moving forward with a new fuel-economy standards for commercial trucks and buses.However, it’s not all good news for the gas industry.Reuters/iStock/Getty Images1/3/20172/320174/320181/31/20175/312020/30/20177/312017/302015/302014/302013/302012/302011/302010/302009/302008/302007/302006/302005/302004/302003/302002/302001/302000/301999/301998/301997/301996/301995/301994/301993/301992/301991/301990/301989/301988/301987/301986/301985/301984/301983/301982/301981/301980/301979/301978/301977/301976/301975/301974/301973/301972/301971/301970/301969/301968/301967/301966/301965/301964/301963/301962/301959/301960/30Words by David Blevins Director of Business Development and Global CommunicationsDavid Blevin is the Director of Global Communications at The Business Insider Group, where he leads and oversees all business […]

How do you get to work when you need to transport a dead horse?

Posted February 07, 2019 09:06:20 The horse industry is a big business, and while the industry is not without its challenges, it’s also a huge source of pride and economic activity for Canada.Many of the horses that roam the country are bred to do work that they are not suited for.That includes, for example, working […]

Military vehicles that can get the job done in the snow

In the snow, it’s a lot more dangerous.If you don’t have a backup plan, you can get into an accident.In that case, the vehicles have a much lower risk of being killed, said Army Lt.Col. Daniel Stokes, the program manager for the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing and Display System (JHMDS).“It’s very dangerous,” he said.The JHMDS, […]

Why Uber’s new app has its own unique challenges

Uber is adding an auto-sharing feature for its cars that allows drivers to request the services.The company is working with Lyft and Tesla, as well as local trucking companies and fleet operators.Uber’s auto-shares feature will be available in select Uber-owned vehicles.The feature is part of a broader initiative to help drivers make more money and […]

When Will We Get the “New” EV From Toyota?

Posted September 27, 2018 06:59:01It’s the year 2025.We’re in the early days of a new generation of EVs, the Toyota Mirai, a fully electric, plug-in hybrid.While it’s been around for almost a decade now, it’s not until 2018 that the Mirai finally hits the market.And while the Japanese car giant is promising a range of […]

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