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Which country is the biggest vehicle transport market?

Bangalore is the world’s second-largest vehicle transport marketshare, according to new data released by the International Transport Forum.The global fleet of vehicle transport vehicles is estimated to be at around 1.5 trillion vehicles and has grown by 20% per annum to reach a total of more than 10 trillion vehicles worldwide.The report, released on Wednesday […]

How do I make sure I get the best bang for my buck?

Transport vehicles are not the only ones with a premium price tag.Private vehicle transport vehicles are often priced higher than the public transport options that can take you anywhere, as they have higher fuel costs, higher maintenance costs, and are prone to being in accidents.Transport vehicles also need to have a reliable engine, a reliable […]

How to get a job in India’s top engineering job

India’s second-largest software firm has made a pitch to foreign recruits that includes giving them a chance to study at Bangalore’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences, where their skills will be valued.Tata is one of India’s most highly valued IT companies and has a strong presence in the Indian IT sector.Tata’s recruitment pitch to candidates […]

‘Dreaded’ truckers’ car-truck convoy dies in fire

A truck carrying soldiers and armoured vehicles from the US Army and other allied nations was destroyed by a fire on Wednesday.The vehicle was carrying US Army personnel and equipment on a road convoy to a training exercise in the US-Mexican border state of Nuevo Laredo when it was struck by a hail of fire […]

Uber’s ‘unprecedented’ expansion of fleet of cars is costing the company $1.5 billion per year

The world’s largest ride-hailing service is looking to expand its fleet of taxis and limousines by about 3,000 vehicles per month in an effort to reduce congestion.Uber, which was founded by the late Steve Jobs, said Tuesday it is planning to add about 500 taxis and about 300 limousine vehicles to its fleet.Uber is hoping […]

How to buy and install a vehicle transport vehicle (UTV) on a GM V8 engine, GMV8

By Bob Pappas, Automotive News Staff WriterThe V8 Chevrolet Volt and its predecessor the Chevrolet Volt Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) have become two of the most popular electric vehicles in the U.S. and in Europe, but their low prices and relatively low cost of ownership have limited the number of vehicles they can be purchased for.With […]

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