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‘Flexible’ trucking industry could save jobs

The trucking sector, a crucial industry to many Americans, has become a prime target for President Donald Trump’s plan to revive U.S. manufacturing.But while Trump says he is looking for the right jobs for Americans, trucking jobs are also key to his administration’s plans to revive the economy.The president’s goal is to create jobs for […]

What the ‘new car economy’ means for you

Posted October 10, 2018 04:01:14The United States has been in the spotlight for decades, but the automobile has been the biggest driver of job growth in the country for decades.But as the number of auto jobs continues to increase, the automobile industry is getting increasingly competitive.The U.S. economy is expected to grow 7.2 percent in […]

Why we need the truck to get to the sea: A sea truck

It’s a simple proposition: You can drive a truck across the desert and you can drive it across the ocean.But the challenge is that when you need to transfer cargo from one place to another, the road conditions are challenging.To solve that, an ocean transporter is needed.The solution: A truck with a diesel engine.This technology […]

Why does police transport companies need to get rid of all the police vans?

Police transport companies are in crisis and the public needs to be made aware that these companies are not doing the job they are supposed to do, according to a new report.The Independent Commission Against Corruption has been commissioned to look into how policing and transport services are funded and the government has said it […]

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