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Vancouver’s Mars Rover to land on Mars: Could it land?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada— NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Curiosity is set to land in the Red Planet, marking the first time a manned spacecraft has touched down on another world.Curiosity will land in Gale Crater near the city of Redford, Canada, at the end of this month, according to NASA.The rover is expected to spend […]

How much is your food truck worth?

The value of a truck can vary enormously depending on its size, location and how well it operates.But it can be estimated based on its volume, cargo capacity, driver and other factors.Here’s how much a truck might be worth.The first and most important factor is how many people ride the truck.The more people who ride […]

When the Giants won a game, the Seahawks lost a war

The New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks have traded two Super Bowl rings and a pair of NFC championships in the past four years.But the Seahawks, who won their division in 2013, have had their share of battles.Seattle’s Seahawks-related Super Bowl victory in 2017 led to an 11-game winning streak, and it took the Seahawks […]

Uber’s ‘unprecedented’ expansion of fleet of cars is costing the company $1.5 billion per year

The world’s largest ride-hailing service is looking to expand its fleet of taxis and limousines by about 3,000 vehicles per month in an effort to reduce congestion.Uber, which was founded by the late Steve Jobs, said Tuesday it is planning to add about 500 taxis and about 300 limousine vehicles to its fleet.Uber is hoping […]

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